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Weddings and grand baby!

Its February already and look how many times I posted 🤔 I’ll do that later but here are some updates at least. Our family has grown by 3 this past year, we love it. Changes are good , most of them anyway. Little Kyra has wormed her way into our hearts, she is changing so fast. Of course, I think she likes me best 🤣

She has such bright little eyes that stare right through you, I think she gets that from her dad!

Kate and Paul got married on October 6, and had a beautiful wedding. I felt pretty good, I had to do chemo the week after the wedding so I had to hurry and put wedding stuff away. Thankfully, I could put everything in Kate’s basement and sort through later. Samantha used some of the same stuff, lights etc so that was nice ! 
My mom and sister and a niece came out for the wedding and helped for a few days, we managed to run down to check out Ms. Statue of Liberty on the Sandpoint beach. 

Then David’s and Sams wedding on January 5. It was a typical winter day but it turned out to be a great day for pictures and the right amount of snow.  It was a big wedding, his side of the family was about 100 plus all the other guests and our large church! 

Now we are back to our new normal life with 3 girls at home, 2 new homes to hang out at and visit and eat their food ... win-win👍🏻   And snuggle our new grand baby. She’s pretty cute!

Our life returned to normal as well at the store and bakery. I’m enjoying getting back into it a bit more.  I finished my chemo the end of November, so I’ve had a few months of recuperating, my hair is growing back a silvery gray, my strength is coming back, and my skin looks healthy, not like the chemo patient I looked like.  It was so dry , almost painfully so, especially my feet. I haven’t used so much lotion in my life, as during those months. 

I’ve been writing down my life experiences and info about all my chemo treatments and things that happened through out my treatments, now looking back, I’m amazed just how fast it all went , and how much I forgot! Chemo brain is real! At least I had something to blame it on . I treasure the times that I went down to the cancer center in Sandpoint and had chemo or blood draws, those nurses became my lifeline to my new life. They see and help treat patients every day and know just what to say and do. 


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