Tuesday, September 18, 2018

I’m Back!

 I’ve been thinking the last few weeks of this poor forsaken blog, so I looked up the other day and it was actually 2012 that I quit. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then and our family has grown and there’s been lots of changes and a wedding and a daughter-in-law and grandbaby coming and now we’re having another wedding In a few weeks! Wow , you never know what will happen in six more years!

I thought about trying to catch up over our lives the last few years, but most of you already know What all we’ve been up to so I’m not gonna try! I’m just going to start where we are now!

This is going to be a year to remember for sure! 2018, Who would’ve thought, that we would be facing cancer, looking forward to being grandparents, having a 19-year-old daughter getting married, another daughter dating!  It’s almost mind-boggling, but I am reminded  that when I started this blog and I was a busy younger mother with six little kids, that I literally took one day at a time and didn’t plan very far ahead, because of running the store so much and having moved into a dumpy little trailer that needed lots of work, it was easier for me to literally look one day at a time and see what I got done that day, and then take the next day and do the same. It wasn’t a very fun way of looking at life or even living life that way, but that is how I coped with the busy-ness of family .

I remembered yesterday ,on the way back from the doctor, the name of this blog or rather the title of this blog and I told Norv about it and we both just laughed, because ,what a coincidence , that this  is our motto for today now as we face this battle called cancer.

But God has been so good to us, from the very beginning after discovering I had cancer, from having our bills paid by Medicaid Of Idaho, thanks to a law that Bill Clinton put in effect when he was president, To my brother and his wife are moving out at just the right time and helping us run the store in fruit stand for the summer, their kids worked there this summer, one of my good friends that used to live in Bonners, I discovered has the same breast cancer as I do and she is just finishing her treatments just as I am starting mine so she has been a huge help and information for me. Norv  also has a doctor friend ,that he build a house for in Missouri , he contacted him and answered lots of cancer questions ,to oncologists stopping by the bakery and answering more of our questions! It’s amazing how God brings people into our lives at just the right time!

 My mom and dad were out in August for about 2 1/2 weeks and helped out at the store & fruit stand and just hung out with us here. They had driven out in their little motorhome and on the way home everywhere they stopped , my mom gets in conversations that most people don’t get into, and she would tell them where they were for the summer and then they would tell what they were doing and then they would mention me and tell them  what I was facing and almost everyone said that they would pray for me. She also goes to a few different doctors and in the course of conversation, somehow in talking about kids or grandkids , she mentions me and what I am facing and again they say they will pray for me. So I have people all over the United States praying for me , thanks to my mother ! 💕 And if you think about her , you can also pray for her , she lives with a lot of pain and bad knees and a bad hip but she gets up every morning and thanks the Lord that she is able to get up! She spends her days doing what she can around the house then the evenings she goes and spends the night with an older lady that refuses to go to a nursing home, she gets paid to sleep there and gets up and gets her breakfast and feeds her pills. She does that a few nights a week, and looks out for a few other ladies throughout the week too. She’ll take them out to eat and just generally check up on them .She has always had a caring heart for people.

So here I am today, I have had my third chemo, I am bald thanks to it, But I know the chemo is working so I can’t complain too much. I have a wig to wear on Sundays and whenever I want to, and I have lots of cute little scarves to wear that I get tired of wearing, I never did like hats and I never did like my ears covered! 

But our life goes on and our kids keep growing up and my first  grandbaby is about to be born in six weeks, I had a dream that it was a boy and it looked just like Cody so we will see if my dreams come true.  We have had the chance to go camping in the last few weeks before it gets too cold to do so, that is always a highlight for me, it’s a lot of work and a lot of dirt but there’s something about being out there in nature and the quietness of it and the beauty that is peace in the soul . We camp  pretty rustic, we had an old futon mattress that I took along and put my memory foam on top of it and we slept pretty good. The kids all take hammocks or sleep in the back of the truck. How easy is that, wecook over the fire pretty simply even though I always seem to run out of food, camping makes you hungry!

We have enjoyed getting to know these girls boyfriends throughout the summer, and having some adventures with them, we’ve had picnics and lots of Lake times and even went boating down on Lake
 Pend Oreille when both boyfriends were here one weekend. Kate discovered that their wedding day October 6, is the day that she left Greece, Last year after meeting the man of her dreams over there! David, Sam’s boyfriend, and Paul ,Kates boyfriend, actually both lived in Colorado and went to the same church years ago, so these guys knew each other and actually went to Greece with Kate too! And of course we played the Mennonite game and discovered that David’s aunt is married to Norv’s first cousin, Curt, So of course then that makes them practically related so we had to check that out in my Kauffman book, but they aren’t! Ha !

Here is the almost married couple!

And this is Sam’s heartthrob 

It’s been fun all summer long, to have something to look forward to on the weekends with all these boyfriends coming by ,
then my mom and dad coming, then Kate’s wedding ,
next is the grandbaby, after that who knows!

-end of first update

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pictures Of Summer 2012, now That Its History. . .

I am so far behind, I'm not even gonna try to catch up on our summer! Did we even HAVE summer??? Me thinks the years are flying by too fast!
We had a relaxing Sunday afternoon today, Norvs mom and dad came up for lunch and Jay and April and the girls. . . Its been almost six weeks since hip surgery for my MIL, she's about ready to get rid of her walker! That'll be a wonderful sight to see her walk without it. Its been getting colder every night and raining for the past few days, knocking all those beautiful yellow leaves of of my maples in the front yard!

 We've started raking them into huge piles. But its wasted effort till they are all off. The snow is covering the mountain tops now so one of these days its gonna get us! :) We celebrated our 18 th anniversary the 8th of October! Norv had to fly to Seattle that weekend and Julianna had her 8th birthday, so we are gonna do a gateway later. This time of the year is always a little hard to get nice weather to do the sightseeing we love to do.

 School is going good for the kids, Cody is on his last year of school and there goes my driver so Sam started drivers training and has one more lesson till she gets her permit! She will have her license before school lets out in May so I won't have to haul them! Such a time saver! One of our highlights this summer was having my folks come out to visit us for a week,not nearly long enough. . The kids so enjoy picking on their grandpa! We packed it full of exploring and showing them Idaho in the simmer.

Another thing that kept us busy this summer was being involved with girls camp! Lots of girls,food planning, helping, hauling, organizing and more helping! It lasts a week and is held at our church campground. . . Good experience for the girls!

And another highlight, camping with friends! We went to Lake Sullivan with Owen and Jenny Beachy and kiddos while they are here on furlough from Chile at the mission our church has down there.

Our garden did good in spite of lack of attention on my part. . .

Summertime 2012, over! :( Way too short for me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


If you like a giveaway and want to read some funny, interesting, thot- provoking and sometimes -serious -stuff -to- digest, check out this blog by a friend from our church!

Friday, June 8, 2012

50th Wedding Anniversary

These bull whips were a hit! I even managed to
crack one (when no one was looking!)

It was a fun filled week that ended not so good with flu bugs flying around , but we had a good time honoring Norv's folks  for their 50 years of marriage! The weather didn't always cooperate and it wasn't the warmest either but we had a nice big pavilion and a nice big fire roaring, lots of coffee, lots of food and  lots of gabbing and catching up with family we don't see very often!

The whole reason for the Skrivseth Reunion/ 50th Wedding Anniversary  celebration

Elv , Arla and the kids at home yet, from Wisconsin
Ivan , Dena and Family from SC

Evie came from Ohio
Dayton, Judy,Alex, Gilbert, Benjamin,Rebecca and Jonathan
Eric and Jared 
Our family
Bruce, Shilah and kids
Matt , Amy and boys
Jay ,April , Olivia and Jemima
One afternoon we all toured the houses and lands of us kids that live here, here we are at Shilah's
 house, inspecting flower beds
Jay and little girls, they love their daddy!
Matt and Jay grilled us some awesome tasting ribs! 

Edd and Corina Byler made homemade ice cream one evening  , the machine was talked about, fiddled with , hashed out some more and in the end it did what it was supposed to do! , crank  and make ice cream!

This little play house got lots of use!

Big people talking, they choose to sit!
Not so little boys...
More ice cream making..

Tea party on the last day...
Our Frogmore Supper, DE-LISH! 
Yummy Breakfast

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet springtime!

My birthday breakfast -in -bed...thanks to my girls!
  It's been a long time comin'...but its here! Today was such a beautiful day but windy and a little cool. We had a picnic planned down at the Twin Rivers ,but since it would be rather chilly down there, we went to Phil and Jenn's house instead to help do some planning for girls camp.
   This summer is starting to fill up and look really busy, and it's barely here! From around the middle of July to the middle of August, life in Idaho is too hectic! Our church is involved in men's retreat, boy's camp and girl's camp, and to top it off, a wedding all squeezed in those for short weeks. And those are the best months to go camping or driving in the mountains.
We have been working outside as much as we can,we've had a lot of rain which makes for nice green lawns to mow. Cody keeps busy with our lawn at home and mowing at the store. He's been helping me rescue some flowering crab trees that a nursery had dug out and left to burn later. Alot of nurseries are doing that these last few years because of not being able sell em, and they get too big to sell. We hauled five big ones home with the skid steer ,truck and trailer, and got them planted along the lane and out by the entry way to our place. We had to push down the old archway because of rotten logs, hopefully replacing them later on.
I'm hoping to get in the garden to do some more planting this week. I did some of the early stuff, but got rained out before I could do more. I started some tomatoes and peppers inside for my garden  and i'm gonna haul them to the store to put in the greenhouse there, till I can plant them. I have a lady that sells her stuff there till June or when ever she's sold out.

Planting my rescued trees
Moving the new greenhouse to the front at the store
Hopefully this greenhouse comes home with me this summer when we are done with it at the store!
Delicious birthday lunch at the Wildlife Refuge
My sweet mother in law make a delicious picnic lunch for my birthday and we met them down at the picnic area at the wild life refuge. We went for a bike ride all 6 miles around it! It was one of our first really nice days we've had this spring!
First signs of spring: my flowering plum trees, and the start of GREEN in the pasture!

School is almost out, our picnic is on the 19th!  We can't wait! Then the Skrivseths are coming for a reunion the following weekend , so we will not relax till the next week. We are all camping at  our church camground, so it's local and nice and private and lots of room to run for the kids!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Family Fun Night 2012

Our school has a "Family Fun Night " put on by the teachers and students every spring. The theme this year was the progression  of the USA starting from the Pilgrims coming to the new colony to our modern era that we live in! We ended with McDonalds type food which was a lot of work, but it turned out good!
We had grilled hamburgers, and chicken and good old fries and chicken  nuggets and ended with homemade  ice cream topped with yummy hot fudge! drool...
The brains that go into a project like this always amazes me!

The General Store

Samantha and Kendra cooking over the "fire" in the mining town
Rebecca "plowing " her field

The "Mayflower", guided by Captain Dominic
A miniature "Mayflower", the captains had a lot of fun guiding this ship! It even had a lower level !
The indians in first grade, pioneer girls in the background...
The pilgrim and the indian at the "First Thanksgiving"
The high school's project , a really cool "space shuttle"that you could ride in and go flying thru space thanks to a flight simulator. The guys got to rock it back and forth, it was nice and bouncy thanks to it sitting on some basketballs on each corner!
Emily and her friend Jennifer were Civil War nurses, they were busy in the tents with the "wounded soldiers".
The entrance of the mine where the miners inside were panning for gold in the dark and cold..Kaitlyn sat on a platform above the people as they toured and spritzed water down on them, a highlight of her evening..They felt the water but couldn't see her 'cause it was too dark!

I’m Back!

 I’ve been thinking the last few weeks of this poor forsaken blog, so I looked up the other day and it was actually 2012 that I quit. A lot ...