Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pictures Of Summer 2012, now That Its History. . .

I am so far behind, I'm not even gonna try to catch up on our summer! Did we even HAVE summer??? Me thinks the years are flying by too fast!
We had a relaxing Sunday afternoon today, Norvs mom and dad came up for lunch and Jay and April and the girls. . . Its been almost six weeks since hip surgery for my MIL, she's about ready to get rid of her walker! That'll be a wonderful sight to see her walk without it. Its been getting colder every night and raining for the past few days, knocking all those beautiful yellow leaves of of my maples in the front yard!

 We've started raking them into huge piles. But its wasted effort till they are all off. The snow is covering the mountain tops now so one of these days its gonna get us! :) We celebrated our 18 th anniversary the 8th of October! Norv had to fly to Seattle that weekend and Julianna had her 8th birthday, so we are gonna do a gateway later. This time of the year is always a little hard to get nice weather to do the sightseeing we love to do.

 School is going good for the kids, Cody is on his last year of school and there goes my driver so Sam started drivers training and has one more lesson till she gets her permit! She will have her license before school lets out in May so I won't have to haul them! Such a time saver! One of our highlights this summer was having my folks come out to visit us for a week,not nearly long enough. . The kids so enjoy picking on their grandpa! We packed it full of exploring and showing them Idaho in the simmer.

Another thing that kept us busy this summer was being involved with girls camp! Lots of girls,food planning, helping, hauling, organizing and more helping! It lasts a week and is held at our church campground. . . Good experience for the girls!

And another highlight, camping with friends! We went to Lake Sullivan with Owen and Jenny Beachy and kiddos while they are here on furlough from Chile at the mission our church has down there.

Our garden did good in spite of lack of attention on my part. . .

Summertime 2012, over! :( Way too short for me.

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  1. Nice summer. You didn't mention the day in day out work that you did. Really good summer by the looks of this blog!!